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Originally from Claremont, CA, Dr. Fan has several years of practice under his belt, with hopefully many more to come. While there’s a lot to love about being a dentist in South Austin, he especially enjoys going home every night knowing that he was able to help patients look and feel better by improving their smile. It’s also always an amazing experience when he steps back after completing a treatment and realizes that he can’t even distinguish the tooth he was working on from the others! If you’d like to learn more about his educational background and interests, just keep reading below.

Why did you become a dentist?

I like to do things with my hands. Whether it is cooking, model building, or pottery, I enjoy the moments of concentration when you’re completely focused on what you’re working on. While I was in college, I joined a volunteer organization that hosted many medical outreaches in Mexico, and I noticed that dental services are always in high demand. So naturally I’m attracted to areas of service where I can make the most direct impact. r his natural talents to boot. Today, he couldn’t imagine working in any other profession.

What is your dental background?

Attended NYUCD from 2008-2012, and completed a 1 year GPR program at LIJ. Frequently attend continuing education programs to further my knowledge and learn new techniques.

What do you do outside of dentistry?

I volunteer with an international charitable organization called Tzu Chi Foundation. In Chinese, “Tzu Chi” means compassionate relief, which is what the organization strives to provide in time of disaster and time of peace. I also enjoy cooking, especially stir fry dishes where you toss multiple fresh ingredients into a wok with blazing fire for that fire-kissed flavor. Recently I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, which I’m glad I get to go places and witness the heritage of different cultures. One of my most recent trips was to Istanbul, Turkey. And seeing thousand year old structures stand among new neighborhoods really puts a perspective on how time flows around you.

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