Posted by Jack Fan Jan 03, 2022

This is a thumbnail image of blog GUM DISEASE IS GENETIC, BUT HERE ARE 3 WAYS TO PREVENT IT

You attended a family reunion last week, and the unpleasant topic of genetic illnesses came up. As you finished your meal, you were surprised to overhear that gum disease is actually very common in your family. You’ve looked in the mirror and pulled down your bottom lip several times since, wondering if this could be true. If it is, what can you do to prevent it? Here are 3 ways to prevent gum disease in South Austin. 


Recent studies suggest that gum disease is genetic. Some people inherit insufficient beta-defensin 1 protein, which is instrumental in warding off gum disease risks. This deficiency makes them more susceptible to bacteria and food debris that can trigger this illness. 

If you have inherited this predisposition, it’s essential to look out for the warning signs of gum disease development. If you notice heightened sensitivity, gum recession, prolonged bad breath, or puffiness of your gums, contact your local dentist immediately. Treating gum disease in its earlier stages can ease the reversal process, saving you money and time.


If you have a family history of gum disease, it’s important to monitor your oral hygiene routine. Starting with the basics, make sure that you brush your teeth for two minutes twice each day. Floss and use mouthwash at least once per day to dislodge any remaining food particles and bacteria that could be generating plaque around your gums.

If you want to take your oral hygiene routine to the next level, consider keeping a strict timer and investing in high-quality dental care tools. For example, studies have revealed that investing in an electric toothbrush may reduce plaque by 11%. Implementing simple hacks like upgrading your toothbrush and using floss picks can make a difference for people susceptible to gum disease.


One of the leading causes of gum vulnerability is poor nutrition. When your gums are not supplied with sufficient fiber and nutrients, they can become prone to infection and inflammation. If you commonly expose your teeth and gums to sugar and carbohydrates, plaque buildup is almost sure to follow. 

Incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet will not only provide the sustenance your gums need, but this can also work to reduce harmful bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, incorporating more milk and yogurt into your diet can promote healthy bodily bacteria that can work against gum disease. Finally, drinking plenty of water can boost your gum’s cleanliness and wash away food particles.

While susceptibility to gum disease is hereditary, developing a more severe stage is entirely preventable. If these three strategies cannot ward off its development, your local South Austin dentist can effectively restore your gum health through a scaling and root planning treatment. 


Dr. Jack Fan is the mastermind behind The Dental Centre. Passionate about his South Austin community’s health and wellness, Dr. Fan is committed to the highest quality care for each of his patients. As a general dentist, gum disease is a topic that Dr. Fan regularly tackles, providing his patients with star treatment and sound advice. If you have questions about your genetic predisposition to gum disease, feel encouraged to reach out to Dr. Fan at (512) 361-4288 or through his website. 

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