Posted by Jack Fan Feb 06, 2018

When you turn on the TV or even log on the computer, you are always bombarded with new information. Some of which may not even be in your best interest.

For instance, have you seen many of the new “dental fads” that promise whiter teeth? Your cosmetic dentist in Oak Hill highly encourages reading this week’s blog post before you try anything new on your precious pearly whites!


Have you seen a beautiful woman abrasively scrubbing her teeth on YouTube with black toothpaste recently? If not on YouTube, you’ve probably seen it on your timeline! Either way, no matter how much attention it gets, your dentist highly discourages using abrasive substances like charcoal on your teeth. In fact, the substance is so rough that it actually scrubs away the protective layer of your teeth, leaving your smile more susceptible to stains overtime.

Damaging your enamel is not worth it to temporarily remove the stains on your teeth. It’s best to ask your dentist about professional, safe teeth whitening treatments.


This trend has been tried time and time again over the years, but there are still many patients that are willing to risk their smile for brighter teeth. The idea is to take an acidic fruit (like a lemon for instance) and mix the crushed fruit with baking soda. It’s seen as an all-natural way to brighten teeth, but really, it’s an acidic mixture that attacks the strength of your tooth enamel.

Again, to stay on the safe side, you can always achieve a dramatically whiter smile with safer treatments from our local office. Our dentists will only use high-quality, professional grade products to brighten teeth that may have coffee or wine stains.


While hydrogen peroxide can be found in teeth-whitening products pre-approved by the ADA, it doesn’t mean that you should use it solely on your teeth. Ask your dentist about the best products to use at home when whitening your teeth so that you can achieve the results you want without damaging your smile.

Don’t be fooled by harmful teeth-whitening treatments. Contact your dentist about legitimate teeth-whitening from a trained professional today. You might be surprised to find out that it only takes one in-office visit or a simple take-home kit from your local dentist to protect your smile and brighten your teeth!


Here at The Dental Centre, we know that a white smile isn’t just about appearance—although it does give your whole face a youthful boost. Having bright teeth will supercharge your confidence, but you should never risk your oral health to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Call us today to schedule your next dental visit! We would be happy to fit you in for a quick, painless, and most importantly—safe—whitening treatment!


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