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Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures in Oak Hill

March 16, 2018

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porcelain dentures pink resin baseWhen you’re suffering from missing teeth, life just isn’t that enjoyable. There’s so much that you have to give up: certain foods, the ability to speak clearly and your confidence. But you’re able to restore the aspects of yourself that have been missing when you are fitted with dentures in Oak Hill. You’ll once again be able to experience the joys of life. But once you make the investment in your new prosthetics, you want to make sure that they will last, so here are some tips to help in your quest.


A Children’s Dentist in Oak Hill Protects Athlete’s Smiles

February 26, 2018

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custom mouthguard student athleteIf your child is a student athlete, you know that their sport of choice is more than just a recreational activity for them. They live, breathe, and eat their sports, working to improve themselves every chance they get.
As a good parent, you do your best to support them. Buying snacks for the whole team during tournaments, providing moral support during each and every game, and even making sure they have the protective gear that they need. But have you thought of protecting their smile?

If not, you should consider how a custom mouthguard from your children’s dentist in Oak Hill can benefit both you and your child, especially if they are active in sports!


Cosmetic Dentist in Oak Hill Says Stay Far from Dental Fads!

February 6, 2018

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woman white teethWhen you turn on the TV or even log on the computer, you are always bombarded with new information. Some of which may not even be in your best interest.

For instance, have you seen many of the new “dental fads” that promise whiter teeth? Your cosmetic dentist in Oak Hill highly encourages reading this week’s blog post before you try anything new on your precious pearly whites!


The Mouthguard – Children’s Dentist in Oak Hill Says It’s a Must-Have

January 15, 2018

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boy inserting green mouthguard in mouthDo your children participate in sports? If so, then as a parent, you can’t help but be concerned about injuries. Every time a collision happens, you cringe a little bit because you’re thinking about all the bad things that could arise from it. One part that concerns you, especially, is their mouths. You don’t think enough emphasis is placed on protecting them, and you’re probably right. That’s why your dentist in Oak Hill recommends that you take the proactive approach and get your children fitted with custom mouthguards. But first, he’ll explain why they’re so important and what can happen when they’re not worn.


Your Cosmetic Dentist in Oak Hill Lists Pros and Cons of Bonding

January 5, 2018

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man receiving dental bonding.When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are many different ways to restore a tooth. There are more substantial methods such as a dental implant or a crown. Then there are the less invasive methods that can usually be done in a single visit. One of these quicker methods is dental bonding.

While it’s extremely effective at restoring teeth, it isn’t completely free of drawbacks. If you’re considering cosmetic or restorative treatment in the future, your dentist in Oak Hill wants to make sure you stay an informed consumer.


When to Take Your Child to Your Children’s Dentist in Oak Hill

December 5, 2017

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A toddler brushing their teeth.Many people aren’t sure when to take their child to their first dental exam. They also aren’t sure how to prepare them for the experience. The boring waiting room. The tall adults in dental masks. Don’t worry, their first visit will mainly be an introduction to the dentist office and not an intrusive experience.

Many dentists’ highest priority is making sure their patients are comfortable during their visit. Without establishing this bond of trust early, it can make future visits far more difficult. Here’s what you should expect at your first visit to your children’s dentist in Oak Hill.


Your Cosmetic Dentist in Oak Hill Says the Perfect Smile Can Be Yours

December 3, 2017

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woman smiling posing with porcelain veneersYou may be afraid to express how much you desire a perfect smile for fear that you’ll be labeled as shallow. But studies show that your desire is not just a delusional fantasy. Instead, it represents a very legitimate urging that many people share, but are reluctant to admit. Your cosmetic dentist in Oak Hill understands this too, and offers a judgement free solution to achieving your goal of the perfect smile – porcelain veneers.


Cosmetic Dentist, What Should I Eat Before and After Whitening?

November 21, 2017

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white teeth red lipsDo want a new spring in your step and a new gleam in your grin? A professional teeth whitening treatment might be right for you! Of course, you don’t want to get all excited about getting a brighter smile only to find out that you’re not a good candidate for whitening. You also don’t want to spend the money on a treatment only to find that the results quickly disappear. To make your whitening journey as easy and effective as possible, follow this guide from your cosmetic dentist in Oak Hill that outlines what you should and should not eat before and after your treatment.


Your Oak Hill Children’s Dentist Provides Quick Teething Remedies

November 18, 2017

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baby crying holding earIt’s a beautiful day in Austin and you have plans of taking the family on an outing to the LBJ Presidential Library. There’s one problem, though. Your toddler has been crying all morning because of aching gums, and is probably teething. In order to keep your plans, you need answers on how to soothe the pain. Thankfully, your Oak Hill children’s dentist has some quick remedies.


Does My Child Need Dental Sealants from Our Dentist in Oak Hill?

October 15, 2017

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smiling little girlToo often, parents underestimate the importance of their children’s teeth. They might reason that the teeth will fall out anyway, so it isn’t that big of a deal to protect them. Or, they may take it for granted that their kids truly understand how vital a good oral hygiene routine is. Don’t fall into that trap! Your children’s teeth are an essential part of their development. To safeguard that precious smile, your dentist in Oak Hill may recommend that your child get dental sealants.


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