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Cost of Dental Emergencies – South Austin, TX

Making Urgent Dental Care Affordable

A child with a bleeding mouth.

Got a bad toothache that you simply can’t ignore? Did you experience a bad fall that left a tooth damaged? At The Dental Centre, Dr. Jack Fan wants to do everything that he can to get you out of discomfort right away. It’s important to get your issue handled quickly, which is why we make the process of financing your care straightforward and with as little stress as possible. With that said, there are some factors to keep in mind when you do arrive for treatment. If you have any questions or you need to treat an emergency, don’t hesitate to call his office today!

Minor vs. Severe Dental Emergencies

An older man visiting an emergency dentist in South Austin.

One of the most influential aspects of your total cost is the overall severity of your dental emergency. For example, small issues like chipped teeth or mild dental pain are more likely to only need a dental filling or cosmetic bonding to handle. However, more severe toothaches, oral infections, or largely damaged teeth that needed treatment sooner take more time, resources and expertise to resolve, resulting in a higher price tag. Any treatment that is more invasive, meaning it requires oral surgery to perform, is going to be more costly.

Before discussing costs, we’ll make sure that you’re out of pain so you can look over your treatment options more effectively. It’s important that you understand the current state of your situation and feel confident about your care. That’s why we are more than prepared to answer all of your questions before beginning any treatments.

Potential Follow-Up Appointments

A woman with tooth pain visiting an emergency dentist.

In the event that you need a more invasive treatment, such as a tooth extraction or a root canal, we will need to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure no problems are present. This inevitably increases total costs for treating your emergency. These visits help us confirm that your smile’s health and alignment are in order. For example, a root canal involves removing damaged tissue, but it also requires a permanent crown being placed at a later date to prevent future dental emergencies, including further fracture of your natural tooth.

How Can We Make Your Care More Affordable?

A woman with a toothache.

While this may sound confusing at first, Dr. Fan and his team are highly trained in both treating dental emergencies and helping patients understand their financial options to pay for them. Not only are we in-network with most dental PPO plans, but you can take advantage of third-party financing options like CareCredit. This helps you pay for more expensive treatments over the span of several months, rather than all at once. We’ll make sure that you’re fully maximizing your benefits and getting the most out of your current dental plan if you have one, so don’t put off your treatment any longer. Waiting to treat a dental emergency only increases the likelihood that you’ll need to pay more later.