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Oral Conscious Dentistry in Austin, TX

Every year, patients all over the world put off or avoid important dental care because of anxiety. For some, that anxiety is minimal but still strong enough to make regular visits seem like an inconvenience. For others, that anxiety can be crippling.

If you struggle with dental anxiety, we understand and wants to help. Using a compassionate service like oral conscious dentistry, we can help our patients from Austin and beyond overcome anxiety to get essential care.

Oral conscious dentistry is a popular form of sedation dentistry that uses a commonly prescribed pill to help patients enter a relaxed, anxiety-free state. One of the major benefits of it is that you can get more work done in a single visit. That alone can be enough to start putting patients at ease.

How Does Oral Conscious Dentistry Work?

At the time of your appointment, you will take the prescribed medication for you. As it takes effect, you'll feel your anxiety start to dissolve. During your appointment, you won't notice pain or the passing of time. You may even come close to nodding off, though you will be able to respond to direction.

When your appointment's over, you'll be ready to resume normal activities by the next day. Until then, you'll need a companion to drive you home afterwards and take care of you until your medication wears off. In the meantime, get some rest and relax knowing that you're working your way back toward optimal oral health.

Do you have questions about oral conscious dentistry? Please call! We would be happy to answer them. During a consultation, we can explain exactly how oral conscious dentistry works and can address any questions you might have. We're proud to serve patients from Austin and all surrounding areas.

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